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The Dandelion Marijuana Dispensary | Boulder


845 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80302



Medical 18+

Nestled downtown next to the scenic Flatirons and the beautiful red rooftops on the University of Colorado’s campus is the best Boulder medical marijuana dispensary, The Dandelion. Our medical marijuana dispensary is located right off of Pearl Street, where natives and tourists love to go for shopping, food, and drinks. To match the culture and atmosphere of one of Colorado’s most unique cities, this Native Roots medical-only store has kept its original name, location, and charm.

The Dandelion Marijuana Dispensary

Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a local, The Dandelion is the best – and original – place to buy medical marijuana in Boulder. With one of Boulder’s favorite bars right next door and plenty of restaurants, banks, and local shops conveniently nearby, you’ll be able to accomplish all you had planned without having to venture too far. Fall in love with the quaint, warm, inviting atmosphere as well as the social, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff. Different name, same Native Roots experience.

Place an Order for Delivery


  • Must be a medical patient at The Dandelion

  • Must reside in the city of Boulder or Superior

  • Order Minimum: $100

  • Delivery available Friday - Sunday only

  • Delivery time: between 1pm - 5pm (NOTE: exact delivery time is not be guaranteed so dispatcher will let the patient know at time of order)

  • Delivery to EPC patients available up to 2 ounces only

  • Multiple patients can place an order at the same address, however, delivery is limited to that household once per day.

  • For a patient’s first 3 deliveries, the delivery fee is free, then increases to $5 fee

  • $5 fee includes $1 compliance-required fee (surcharge from Colorado)


  • Delivery available Friday - Sunday only

  • Delivery time: between 1pm - 5pm


Monday 10am-7:50pm

Tuesday 10am-7:50pm

Wednesday 10am-7:50pm

Thursday 10am-7:50pm

Friday 10am-7:50pm

Saturday 10am-7:50pm

Sunday 10am-7:50pm


BOULDER MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARY At this Boulder medical marijuana dispensary, you’ll get to know our friendly and approachable staff on a personal basis. Each budtender can provide an intimate tour of the wide selection of marijuana strains and products this Boulder dispensary has to offer. If you don’t know what you want, our expert budtenders will help you find the best weed for your condition. If you already have in mind what you’re after, we let you order ahead online. These are the types of products we offer at our Boulder medical marijuana dispensary: Flower Pre-rolled joints Concentrates Cartridges Seeds Edibles Topicals Bubble Cannasap Gear and accessories Wax Shatter

The Dandelion has been voted Boulder’s Favorite Dispensary. With our selection and customer service, as well as daily hours of 9 am to 9:50 pm, we’re sure it’ll have your vote for Boulder’s #1 medical marijuana dispensary.


Voted Boulder’s Favorite Dispensary

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