Our Story

Our story began in 2010, when we opened a small cultivation and extraction facility in Denver that produced medical marijuana products for patients under Colorado’s original caregiver model. Eventually, Native Roots opened a medical dispensary on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver in order to better serve its patients. In 2013, we merged with The Dandelion in Boulder to create better access to medical marijuana for all our patients. During this time, we also kicked off construction of our state-of-the-art grow facility, The Mothership. At over 173,000 SQFT, this facility enables us to cultivate world-class cannabis, develop concentrated raw goods through CO2 and BHO extraction, and manufacture a variety of finished goods for our customers. Today, we have two state of the art grow facilities and more than 20 locations across Colorado.

Picture of cannabis plants at the Native Roots grow facility


Together, we provide quality cannabis products and personalized education for our communities to enhance well-being and happiness.

We are Grown with Love. We are Grown in Colorado. We are Native Roots.

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We stand behind the work we do, the contributions we make, and the high business standards we maintain while being respectful, accountable, and encouraging responsible use of our products.


We embrace the unique reasons that unite us including our enthusiasm for the plant, a desire to help people, and being a part of a great place to work in an evolving industry.


We collaborate as a team to improve the communities where we live and work making them a better place through awareness, education, support and volunteerism.


We encourage everyone to be their unique most authentic selves, finding joy in what we do and sharing that joy with those we engage with whether it be our customers, vendors, the community or each other.


As pioneers in the cannabis space, Native Roots has been educating and serving our community for over a decade. We didn’t just want to build a great cannabis company, we wanted to build one that put the customer and patient at the center of what we do. A company that sets the gold standard for the cannabis industry. We work hard to provide a safe, judgment free environment where we can share our passion for the plant and bring a touch of happiness to each of you.

We are committed to improving the communities we live and work in, which is why we partner with local nonprofits in every location in which we operate. Our commitment comes in the form of volunteer hours, dollars donated, and our professional skills applied to support community challenges. The results of our efforts have been tremendously positive. We’ve won many awards in every category of business that we play, including Denver Post Top Places to Work, Colorado Civic 50, Green Entrepreneur Top Companies, Herb Magazine Top 10 Interior Design, High Times Cannabis Cup Winner, and Best Dispensary more times than we can count.


Native Roots employees working on a cannabis plant

Since 2010, Native Roots has been Colorado’s premier medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. We strive to elevate the retail experience for first-timers and old-timers alike by providing a variety of high-quality products in a warm and welcoming environment. To deliver a best-in-class customer experience, we’ve partnered with some of the cannabis industry’s best product manufacturers across flower, vape, edible, and topical categories to provide an unrivaled mix of products to support all occasions.

Graphic showing Native Roots production amounts across different categories since 2015

We’ve sold flower to over 4.2 million customers, and edibles to 2.3 million customers. In doing so, Native Roots became Colorado’s most complete vertically-integrated cannabis company, providing a variety of high-quality recreational and medical flower, extracts, edibles, beverages, tinctures, accessories, topicals, and CBD products, all aimed at helping people of all walks of life to find their better state.

Native Roots has invested heavily in LED lighting, automated irrigation for better power and water usage, Quastar® Photonic Decontamination technology implemented (Radsource) to inactivate microbes on flower, state of the art trimming and weighing equipment and much more. These changes have allowed us to process at a high volume while maintaining the focus on top-tier quality standards. Native Roots is the first dispensary in Colorado to implement an off-premise storage facility license which serves as the central distribution center for our retail stores. This first of its kind facility allows single point delivery for our vendors and keeps thousands of shipping hours off the Colorado roads.


Native Roots' north star is and always will be our people.

Founded by caregivers, the patient and customer experience drives each and every business decision because when you get down to it, we care about you. It’s the reason we exist.

Our teams are truly what makes us special, and this tremendous growth was enabled by their hard work and industry expertise. We now have 400+ employees that have been trained through our in-house, industry-leading onboarding program, with access to some of the richest training and professional development tools. We pride ourselves on a culture of compliance for all of our experiences, and continually implement best practices across product testing and regulatory requirements. Simply stated, our company thrives because we have the best hiring and onboarding program in the industry, because we've built a values-driven, collaborative work environment, and because we invest in regular professional development at all levels.

We take pride in where we have been and where we are going. From being one of the first professional cannabis companies, to now being a leader in cannabis education and the premier cannabis destination in Colorado. Both locals and tourists from all over make Native Roots their first stop in Denver because to be at Native Roots is to be in Colorado. We are proud to be the largest locally and privately owned dispensary chain across the Rocky Mountain region.

At Native Roots we deliver people to better states. We help them drop the aches and nerves and shyness, the judgment and lameness and repression of happiness, whatever it is that holds them back from being better. In this sense, Native Roots isn’t described by what we do, but rather why we do it. It’s our north star that guides us in all of our business decisions. So why are we here? Yeah, we’re here to make great products, but fundamentally, Native Roots exists to help you find your happy place.

Native Roots employees photographed at a retail location


Our purpose is to enhance well-being and happiness within our Colorado community, our employees and our customers and patients. Our 4 Social Impact Pillars are:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Wellness

  • Community

  • Sustainability

To read our full Impact Plan, please visit our Social Impact page.

We are Grown with Love. We are Grown in Colorado. We are Native Roots Cannabis Co.