Social Impact

For Native Roots, doing good is a part of doing business. We’re on a mission to support our people, nonprofit organizations, and the neighborhoods and communities who have been and are part of our story.

Our purpose is to enhance well-being and happiness within our Colorado community, our employees and our customers and patients. Our four pillars are DEI, Wellness, Community and Sustainability.

Social impact icons showing diversity, equity & inclusion, wellness, awareness, education, support & volunteerism as well as sustainability.


  • Native Roots provides a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment for all of our employees, a place where everyone can be their unique most authentic selves, and so that each customer and patient is represented when they walk through our doors.

  • We take pride in training our employees on equitable hiring practices to ensure an inclusive work environment across departments and at all levels of the organization.

  • We work with community partners to better the lives of women, veterans, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people of color.


  • We support our employees through robust health benefits, financial resources, a workplace that focuses on an employee's mental and physical well-being through free yoga, meditation breaks, free, easily accessible resources to promote stress reduction, better sleep quality and improved focus.


  • We improve our communities through awareness, education, support and volunteerism.

  • Native Roots educates our patients and customers on the benefits of cannabis and how it can positively impact the communities in which we live and work.

  • We are committed to bringing awareness to the social inequity in our industry and bringing a voice to uplift those who have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs.

  • We partner with vendors, community partners and other organizations that are aligned with our mission, values and purpose.


  • Native Roots is committed to improving the quality of communities through sustainable practices such as a commuter incentive program, supporting community organizations that have a positive environmental impact, and being a leader in the cannabis industry by partnering with programs that reduce our climate and environmental impact.


Research & Education

  • CU Boulder

    We support marijuana research and partner with programs such as CU Boulder Change Research Initiatives, that help to further an understanding of the plant by the public, the industry, and policymakers.

  • CDOT Safe Driving

    We routinely work with CDOT to ensure our customers are making safe choices and raise awareness. Native Roots is working to train all 108 budtenders across its 20 locations on CDOT’s Cannabis Impaired Driving Course.

Mentorship Programs

Civic Engagement

  • Cannabis Business Grant Program through Senate Bill 21-111, Native Roots lobbied to help secure 4 million dollars from the state to support social equity marijuana entrepreneurs.

  • Cannabis Voter Project

    Native Roots partners with Cannabis Voter Project on GOTV efforts for priority elections to encourage employees and customers to get involved and vote.

Community Engagement


  • Coco Cubes

    Native Roots donates coco coir cubes to She Grows. Our partnership began in 2020 and since then we have donated approximately 5 tons in coco cubes.

  • Container Recycling Pilot Program was created through the Colorado Cannabis Sustainability work group. We currently have recycling receptacles at our 2 production facilities as well as the following retail locations, Speer, Colorado Blvd., Littleton, Tower and are hoping to expand to all locations.

  • Clean Commuting Incentives are offered to Native Roots employees by providing rideshare and bike to work opportunities in partnership with Way to Goor Denver Regional of Government. Native Roots has completed 39,000 trips with over 416,679 miles, reduced 94.4 tons of CO2 emissions and over $19,000 in gift cards for Native Roots employees participating in the commuting program.

  • Xcel Energy Improvement replaced lights throughout our facilities to make our light energy use as efficient as possible.

  • Colorado Green Business Network conducted a facility audit to assist with energy efficiency at our grow operations.

  • Clean Up & Tree Planting Days are done yearly at Native Roots. We visibly see results by having cleaner parks and more trees in the communities we work in.


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