Medical Marijuana

Looking to shop at a medical marijuana dispensary? If you're a medical patient, you're in luck!

Medical marijuana


With an active medical card issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, you can purchase more products at once, access higher dosed products, and even enjoy tax breaks and lower prices. And the best part? You get to shop at one of our many medical dispensaries, so you can find the perfect product to meet your needs.


Native Roots does not provide medical advice, but we’d be happy to provide some medical cannabis doctors that can assist in your treatment along with obtaining or renewing your medical card. Be sure to save your receipt (see Signing Over below).

Doctors of Natural Medicine

Statewide (719) 212-8899

Medical Alternatives Clinics

Colorado Springs and Pueblo (719) 246-0393

Colorado Comfort Medical

Denver (720) 292-9268


In need of some additional assistance? Give one of our medical locations a ring to speak to a staff member or receptionist. While we can’t offer medical advice, we’d be happy to discuss the process to obtain a medical card or put you in touch with a medical professional.


Not planning to grow your own plants? You can sign them over to us! At least, that’s how it used to work… patients “signed over” their plant counts and became a member of that dispensary. The more plants a dispensary had, including the ones signed over by patients, the more they could grow. But as of 2019, dispensaries are no longer bound to plant counts based on their registered number of patients.

However, we still honor the Colorado tradition of becoming a member (also called “signing over”). If you choose to become a member with Native Roots, bring in your doctor’s receipt, medical card, and a copy of your provider certification (download here) to receive a members only benefit: a $25 1/2oz of flower, a $50 1 oz of flower or a $25 store credit towards any other product. However, if your receipt is from a Native Roots recommended doctor (see Need a Doctor? above!), then you can also choose a $100 store credit as your benefit. If it’s convenient, that’s a no brainer!

But wait, there’s more! When you celebrate your anniversary of becoming a member (signing over), we’ll throw in a $50 store credit and you can choose another member only benefit.


We offer each patient a Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny once a month (it’s almost free but we have to follow the law!). Choose between an 1/8th of Native Roots flower, 1 gram of Native Roots wax, shatter or live resin, an edible or a topical. This deal can only be used once per month. (That’s a lot of free, I mean 12¢ product!) We also have daily deals...

MED Member Daily Benefits

We want our medical shoppers to receive the very best deals for the products they need. On top of our daily deals, we also offer a Loyalty program with benefits and various discounts and promotions throughout the month. However, we can only apply 1 discount or offer per transaction… but we will absolutely make sure you receive the best price for the items you’re purchasing!


Veterans can opt to use the monthly deal (Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny) as a Buy 2 Get 2 for a penny. Yup, we still have to charge a penny. If you happen to be shopping and no other deals apply, veterans can take 10% off. But just like chips & salsa with coworkers, no double dipping!

If you’re a senior (65+) and have become a member (aka signed over) with Native Roots (see Signing Over above), then you may choose your daily deal Sunday - Thursday, just not Friday and Saturday.

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