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Words to Smoke By | Top 10 Cannabis Terms You Need to Know

Native Roots Cannabis Co. 10 Cannabis terms to know

Whether you’re new to smoking, or just curious how to talk about “marijuana,” here’s some common cannabis lingo you should be friendly with.

1. Joint

Also called a “J” or "pre-roll", it’s cannabis rolled up like a cigarette. Some prefer to purchase bud or flower and roll their own joints, while others prefer to purchase them pre-rolled from Native Roots. Browse our selection of pre-rolls.

2. Roach

That J getting too small to hold? Now you’ve got a roach. Try roach clips to keep on keeping on. Or place the remaining cannabis into a pipe for an easy finish.

3. Bowl

Pipes are a common smoking tool. Place cannabis in the bowl and a finger over the choke (the hole). Then light and release to send smoke up the chamber to the mouthpiece. A bowl also refers to a glass pipe, the best smoking tool for the purest flavor.

4. Blunt

Similar to a joint, but larger and rolled using a tobacco leaf—typically from a broken apart cigar. (Pro tip: Mix tobacco into your joint and BOOM! it’s a spliff.)

5. Vaporizer

A traditional vaporizer—like the popular Volcano—heats cannabis until the cannabinoids (THC, CBD) “vaporize” to be inhaled. No burning plant matter means a gentler mist. A vape pen uses oil instead.

6. Bong

Want a big hit? Use a bong, a large glass pipe with a stem connected to the bowl. The stem goes into a water-filled chamber to filter the smoke. Want to be extra cool? Add ice.

7. Gram, Dime, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce

The most common purchasable amounts. One gram makes roughly three joints. Two grams is a dime. 28 grams, an ounce. Then it’s all metric from there: 3.5 an eighth, 7 a quarter, 14 a half

8. Cannabis

Short for Cannabis sativa. Marijuana actually comes from the days of “Reefer Madness,” when lawmakers scared folks away from “marihuana” smuggled from Mexico. Weed can have negative connotations. And pot just doesn’t sound cool.

9. High

What you might be right now. Also, the psychoactive effect associated with cannabis use, after the THC connects with CB1 receptors in your brain.

10. Dispensary

The legal place to buy your bud. Some states, like Colorado, have both medical and adult-use dispensaries. Adult-use dispensaries are also sometimes referred to as "recreational" dispensaries. Some states may only operate medical dispensaries, in which case a person cannot purchase unless they meet the valid medical requirements. In Colorado for recreational use, you will need a valid government issued photo ID and be 21 years old. For medical patients, you will be required to provide a Colorado issued "medical card" and a physician's recommendation.

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