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Runner's High

For some, the idea of toking up and going for a run sounds like hell. For others, smoking weed is a part of their daily ritual, so why not smoke before a run or your yoga class? As it turns out, there are several ways that cannabis can contribute to your actual workout, your workout mindset and your recovery.

Trail running at dusk on Dakota Ridge near Denver, CO for Native Roots Cannabis Co.

First perspective trail running on Dakota Ridge near Denver, CO for Native Roots Cannabis Co.

It’s no secret that cannabis can be helpful to some in calming the mind. Many people use CBD and CBD-heavy strains of cannabis to reduce stress or enhance mood. Often times, running can bring up feelings such as fear of being judged or fear of overexertion. By smoking before a run, the calm blanket of cannabis may lessen these fears as you become more in touch with your body. With a relaxed mind, you will remember that by working out, you’re working on improving yourself.

Trail running on the foothills in Denver, Co for Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Legs running on the Dakota Ridge trail near Denver, CO for Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Yucca at Red Rocks Park Trail while trail running for Native Roots Cannabis Co.

It’s no secret that some professional snowboarders, surfers and other extreme sports athletes use cannabis before competition. But aside from being part of the culture of those sports, cannabis is believed to have benefits in preparing for extreme sports. The Colorado Pot Guide investigated whether extreme sports could be improved by consuming cannabis and found that cannabis may support better focus and post workout recovery. Several athletes were quoted using CBD to reduce soreness associated with exercise after sporting events and competitions. 

View from the top of Dakota Ridge trail in Denver, CO.  Trail running with Native Roots Cannabis Co.Rabbit on the trail on Dakota Ridge near Denver, CO for Native Roots Cannabis Co.Cannabis trail running in Denver, CO

Lastly, cannabis can be a great tool for healing, whether it’s from extreme sports or just a regular run. A 2008 study from ETH Zurich/Swiss Federal Institute of Technology as well as the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health suggested that cannabis has properties to help support muscle recovery while addressing muscle discomfort and reducing soreness.

Red Rocks trail running at sunset for Native Roots Cannabis Co. in Denver, CO

While all of this information is exciting, it is important and crucial to note that consuming cannabis may not always have the desired effects you are looking for. Cannabis is a personal experience and one must decide for themselves the right product for them to help with improving performance.

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