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Canna Coach | Your Very Own Cannabis Expert

Understanding cannabis can be overwhelming. How does someone even begin to learn about all of the different products, types of cannabinoids, strains and terpenes, difference between CBD vs. THC, let alone separate fact from fiction? Well, we get it and you're not alone. Cannabis is one of nature’s most amazing plants with mysterious properties that we continue to learn about. It should be the obvious solution for everyday challenges, but unfortunately, it has been seen as too taboo and misunderstood to be taken advantage of by some. That’s why we’ve introduced Canna Coach Appointments!

Canna Coach is your very own personal marijuana expert fro Native Roots

Canna Coaches are a group of highly trained cannabis specialists, hand-selected to provide one-on-one free consultations. These one-on-one meetings are completely personalized and tailored to you. Free from judgement, your personal Canna Coach appointment allows you to ask the questions you’re seeking answers to, as well as have an open dialogue to educate you on all things cannabis. Don’t miss out and let fear of the unknown stop you from finding the obvious relief cannabis can bring to you. Native Roots Canna Coaches are committed to helping you understand what products best suit your needs, so take us up on this free, informative, no-obligation consultation.

Canna Coach appointments are available at 3 select Native Roots locations: Littleton, Frisco, and The Dandelion in Boulder. To schedule, simply click on the location link below that you prefer and select a time that works best for you. You will receive a confirmation email with your appointment information to add to your own calendar. No time to make it in person? No problem! Just give us a call at one of those select locations to schedule a phone consultation.

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