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Max Chillax | 5 Ways to Relax When You’re High


Melt into the moment, and open your mind with these five chill activities to do while high.

Date: Jun 3, 2019


“Ommm” your way to inner peace

Did you know THC stands for Totally Happy Calm? OK, it doesn’t. But it does help when you’re feeling less than centered—which is what makes meditation the perfect cannabis companion. So inhale deeply, and allow your problems to dissipate like a wisp of smoke.


Catch a buzz and your dinner

Fishing can be a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors, and nature’s bounty. Calm your mind while enjoying the ebb and flow of the water. Then reel in that whopper.


Level up to wind down

Sometimes life feels like it’s set to expert. Luckily a little gaming can help you de-stress like a boss. Get lost in new worlds. Unravel creative problems. And improve your skills while you’re at it. 


Trade screen time for story time

Cozy up with a cup of tea. Light a fire and a tightly-rolled J, and turn the page on stress with a good book.


Get that runner’s high

Lace up your shoes and leave your problems in the dust, or just take a long walk. Exercise in any form is the perfect way to calm your mind. You can use cannabis to improve performance or recover afterwards.

Max Chillax | 5 Ways to Relax When You’re High

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