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Pass the Joint, and Popcorn | 10 Movies to Watch High


Elevate your altered state with these visually stunning, funny and thought-provoking films to smoke to.

Date: Jul 8, 2019



The Fountain

Seriously surreal. Follow three intertwining stories across time and space. Experience stunning, hallucinogenic visuals. And see how true love lives forever.



Easier on the eyes. Still trips the mind. Its B&W psychological thriller done right. And proof that the universe is unavoidably, mathematically connected.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

How far would you go to forget? And what would you do to remember? Join Jim Carrey on a touchingly real, yet often lighthearted journey of love, rediscovered.



Get lost in someone else’s mind for a change. Leonardo DiCaprio must alter a dreamer’s subconscious from within. Does he succeed? Four Academy Awards don’t lie.


Mulholland Drive

Enter the bazaar, yet eerily real world of David Lynch. Where reality never really is. Twists are riddled with conspiracy. And the plot maybe isn’t even a plot at all…


The Babadook

Samuel tries to protect his mom from the shadowy monster in his popup book. Menacing cinematography brings this gore-free gem to life. And it grips from start to finish.


Pan’s Labyrinth

Fantastical creatures. An artistically poetic, dark fairytale that turns the trials-within-the-labyrinth theme on its head. You won’t want to miss a single subtitle.


The Big Lebowski

Nihilists with ferrets. Malibu porn kings, sexy artists, enigmatic villains and of course bowling. The Dude abides in this lowkey masterpiece set against the backdrop of a weirdly chill LA. Light it up and prepare to laugh your way through this infinitely quotable cult classic.


Super Troopers

Break out the munchies and get ready for epic shenanigans. A highway patrol faced with budget cuts stumbles on a pot smuggling ring run by a chimp. The laughs and mustaches are abundant in this classic cannabis inspired flick.


Ex Machina 

Who’s more human, man or AI machine? That’s the timely question at the heart of this minimalist thriller about how the drive to create isn’t always under our control.

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