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How to Roll Like a Pro

The Art of the Joint

All it takes is the right technique. A little patience. And practice, practice, practice. Let’s start from the beginning (for beginners) and work our way up to the final touches.

10 Movies to Watch High


Elevate your altered state with these visually stunning, funny and thought-provoking films to smoke to.

Make Your Own Munchies


Studies show that cannabis may increase your appetite*. Don’t freak out, here are seven easy recipes to help satisfy those menacing munchies. They’re quick, simple, and oh so flavorlicious.

5 Ways to Relax When You’re High

Max Chillax

Melt into the moment, and open your mind with these five chill activities to do while high.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Visit

Dispensary Newbies Welcome

Your Very Own Cannabis Expert

Canna Coach

Canna Coaches are a group of highly trained cannabis specialists, hand-selected to provide one-on-one free consultations.

World of Terpenes


That nostalgic smell of nature is so familiar and has the capability to transport you to the very first time you smoked. You have terpenes to thank for that.

Top 10 Cannabis Terms You Need to Know

Words to Smoke By

Whether you’re new to smoking, or just curious how to talk about “marijuana,” here’s some common cannabis lingo you should be friendly with.

Runner's High


Cannabis and CBD can contribute to your workout, mindset, and recovery. Dive into the world of workout and cannabis usage.

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