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By empowering our employees, patients, customers, and communities, we can work together to create positive change towards a greater good. See what we've been up to below.

Our philosophy on corporate responsibility mirrors our vision on cannabis in society - that people should be trusted, treated with respect, and supported to make decisions that better their lives. We strive to meet people where they are at and show up to do the work required to make our communities a better place. From addressing hunger in our communities by volunteering at local food pantries, to donating to  organizations that assist vulnerable populations, to partnering with organizations working to make a more diverse and inclusive cannabis industry, and providing ongoing patient and community education on cannabis, we invest people and capital resources to help empower others. Here’s a few things we’re grateful to be a part of:

The Color of Cannabis

We were an early founding corporate partner of The Color of Cannabis and are working to help advance opportunities for communities of color in ownership, management, and employment within the cannabis industry. We assisted in the passage of House Bill 20-1424, which created a definition of social equity applicant and gave Governor Polis the power to automatically pardon 3,000 cannabis convictions. We are also actively lobbying for the preferential licensing of social equity businesses and creating a social equity grant program in the state of Colorado and city of Denver.

Cannabis Voter Project

Over the past several years, we have used our communication network to enhance civic engagement and voter registration efforts. We reached nearly 90,0000 people during 2020’s National Voter Registration Week, and in 2019 registered 35 first time voters.

The Chanda Plan Foundation

We are a proud, longtime sponsor of this organization which helps Coloradans with spinal cord injuries live healthier, fuller lives through integrated care. 

Volunteering at Local Food Pantries

More people are vulnerable to hunger now amid the COVID pandemic than ever before. Native Roots staff has donated hundreds of hours throughout the pandemic to help ensure food security in our local communities.

Voter Registration Day

Working with HeadCount.org’s Cannabis Voter Project, we promoted voter registration to over 103K people during Voter Registration Week and Election Week.

All Social Responsibly Initiatives

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