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Through education comes understanding. We work every day to share the knowledge we’ve collected over the years to change the narrative of the cannabis conversation. Check out some of our efforts below.

We’re committed to educating our communities, policy-makers, and elected officials on the medical, financial, and social benefits of the legal cannabis industry and combating misleading information that takes away from those efforts. Here are a few ways we’re doing it. 

Facility and Operational Tours

In just ten years, Native Roots transformed from a single dispensary into a team of 500, operating 20 dispensaries and over 200,000 square feet of marijuana cultivation and manufacturing space. As one of the first legal operators in the country, we have become a resource for people looking to gain a better understanding of what responsible regulation and business practices can look like. We have opened our doors to numerous local, state, national and international government decision makers, as well as business, community, and professional industry groups to give them a peek behind the curtain. We’ve even hosted international dignitaries, United States Senators and Representatives. 

Community Presentations 

Understanding cannabis can be overwhelming. How does someone even begin to learn about the different products, types of cannabinoids, strains and terpenes, difference between CBD vs. THC, let alone separate fact from fiction? If we want cannabis to be taken seriously, it’s important that our communities have the right information. Our team has developed a customizable education program offered to anyone and everyone willing to listen. From retirement communities and veteran groups, to healthcare professionals and local officials, our program is tailored to cover the basics of cannabis education, plus topics relatable to those listening. 

Partnerships with Law Enforcement 

It’s no secret that the onset of legal cannabis had a major impact on local law enforcement. Police officers are asked to coexist with an industry that they have historically seen as illegal. This is why we have worked to become a resource for their teams. Over the last decade, we have continued to invite local law enforcement to participate in our cannabis education courses, to train alongside our own staff. We have even participated in impairment and cannabis exploration programs to better assist them in identifying and enforcing impaired driving laws.

One-on-one Product Consultations 

We are excited to offer a new in-store experience, the CannaCoach Program. CannaCoaches are a group of highly trained cannabis specialists, hand-selected to provide one-on-one free consultations. These one-on-one sessions are offered in-store and are fully personalized with the goal of making people comfortable and familiar with our product offerings or general cannabis education.

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