Spectra Plant Power 9 Chem #4 OG Sauce photo

Spectra Plant Power 9 Chem #4 OG Sauce

Spectra Plant Power 9

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Spectra Extra Strength concentrates are as close to the plant as they come. Harvested from fresh, wet plants nurtured in our state-of-the-art indoor facility, these full spectrum products are flash-frozen to preserve the most delicious and impactful elements, like terpenes. These products are simple and pure, just like Mother Nature intended. No additives, fillers or artificial ingredients of any kind. Spectra True To The Flower. This 1 gram unit is crafted with a THCa diamond/gem in a decarbed THC terpene liquid. Product Highlights: Oil Type: Live Resin Cannabinoid Potency Range: 80-90% Terpenes: 5-15% Flavor Notes: Robust Total Plant Power - 85% - 95% Rotating strain selection - strain specific product


Spectra Plant Power 9

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