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Greendot Blue Apricot Black Label Live Badder

Green Dot Labs

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The preferred finish of cannabis aficionados, Black Label Live Badder features a wet, uniform consistency with a rich, creamy mouthfeel. Live Badder is emulsified after extraction to achieve a silky, homogenous texture that is rich in monoterpenes. This is the ideal way to experience the complex flavors and vivid effects of GDL's exclusive Black Label genetics. About Green Dot Labs Black Label: Green Dot Labs' coveted Black Label line of Flower and Extracts reflects the very best of years of experience breeding, growing and extracting cannabis. With options ranging from connoisseur-grade dabs to pure live resin carts and connoisseur flower, Black Label products are grown and extracted by GDL, offering a vibrant, true-to-plant reflection of our exclusive 21st Century Hashplants.


Green Dot Labs

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