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GDL Blue Apricot Full Spectrum Live Resin

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The hash that started it all, GDL's Black Label FSE features eye-catching THCa crystals suspended in an aromatic terpene sauce. With a weeks-long refinement time that produces larger THCa crystals and stringent standards for flavor and appearance, GDL Black Label FSE sets the standard for connoisseur-grade rocks and sauce. About Green Dot Labs Black Label: Green Dot Labs' coveted Black Label line of Flower and Extracts reflects the very best of years of experience breeding, growing and extracting cannabis. With options ranging from connoisseur-grade dabs to pure live resin carts and connoisseur flower, Black Label products are grown and extracted by GDL, offering a vibrant, true-to-plant reflection of our exclusive 21st Century Hashplants.


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