Spectra Plant Power 9 Durban Cookies Live Resin photo

Spectra Plant Power 9 Durban Cookies Live Resin

Spectra Plant Power 9

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Durban Cookies has a unique bouquet that always stands out with effects tying back to its landrace genetics being extremely pronounced. When crossing it with another genetic staple-- OG Kush, the unique terpene combination favors citrus and spicy gas to compliment the sweet cookie exhale at the end. Although still very euphoric favoring the Sativa-leaning lineage, Durban Cookies doesn't race to the head as quickly thanks to its OG cross. Make no mistake in the classic conical bud structure covered in red pistil hairs, this ' GSC ' original is Native Root's take on sugar, spice, and everything nice. Mood State: Energetic


Spectra Plant Power 9

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