Spectra Plant Power 6 Star Dot 510 Cartridge Distillate photo

Spectra Plant Power 6 Star Dot 510 Cartridge Distillate

Spectra Plant Power 6

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Spectra High Strength concentrates are pure-fection. Harvested from premium single strain flower nurtured in our state-of-the-art indoor facility, these products are distilled in small, handcrafted batches guaranteeing a pure, smooth flavor with a mighty punch. To stay true to the plant’s natural flavors and effects, all terpenes found in Spectra products are derived in-house from the very same plants that produce our oil. No additives, fillers or artificial ingredients of any kind. Spectra True To The Flower. This 500mg 510 thread cartridge contains only cannabis derived ingredients. Compatible with most 510 thread batteries. Batteries not included. Cannabinoid Potency Range: 80-90% Terpenes: 4-6% Flavor Notes: Rich Total Plant Power - 84 - 96% Oil Type: Distillate


Spectra Plant Power 6

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