Spectra Plant Power 6 Runtz Wax photo

Spectra Plant Power 6 Runtz Wax

Spectra Plant Power 6

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A throwback for the candy lover in us all, this cross between Zkittlez and Gelato hits you with all of the sweet and fruity notes for a complete sensory overload. Like an after dinner treat, Runtz is a great way to wind down your day with a body-heavy high perfectly paired to a movie night. And with resin-drenched buds speckled in purple and dark green, your inner child will rejoice on the exhale of fruity citrus and cream after a trip to the grown-up candy store-- your nearby Native Roots. *Hashmaker notes - Runtz is a favorite to extract oil from in the form of concentrates and cartridges thanks to the sweet fruit and citrus that fills the air during extraction translating extremely well in Live Resin products.


Spectra Plant Power 6

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