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Product: Strawberry Lemonade

Product Variants and Price

sativa dominant hybrid | THC 17.15 % AVG

This strain is delicious as its namesake promises exhibiting tangy aromas and flavors! You’ll feel a heady onset and complimentary body effects with enlightening and creative effects and help with management from pain and nausea.

Product Description

Our Strawberry Lemonade is a potent, sativa-hybrid strain with an aroma as bright and tangy as its name suggests. The strain is a combination of legendary Strawberry Cough and sour Lemon OG Kush. Its effects start off with a focused head buzz that melts into physical relaxation. Flowers of Strawberry Lemonade are small to medium in size and adhere in a clustered formation that resembles a head of cauliflower. The buds hold a very dense, indica-typical structure, with small leaves that are tightly coiled inward. The leaves themselves are a light shade of sage green and are wound through with orange and brown pistils. Finally, a blanket of cloudy white trichomes makes these flowers appear almost white when seen from a distance. As you might expect, properly cured flowers of Strawberry Lemonade give off a mostly strawberry scent. A closer whiff reveals notes of tangy citrus lurking underneath to brighten up the overall impression. Meanwhile, grinding up these nuggets yields a dank and hashy odor, possibly passed on from the OG Kush in Lemon OG’s background. When burnt, Strawberry Lemonade gives off an uncommonly smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke tastes like pure berries on the exhale. Strawberry Lemonade tends to hit the consumer quickly with a smack of increased blood pressure in the face. For some, this may result in a flushing in the cheeks or a pulsing around the temples. Soon after users adjust to such physical phenomena, Strawberry Lemonade exerts a buzzy energy that stimulates thinking and may provoke consumers to get up and go. Engaged, intense patterns of thought may emerge in which the user stops to dwell on concepts that might not otherwise strike them as interesting. This kind of cerebral focus can be an excellent way to take on a mountain of task-based analytical work. In less demanding circumstances, it can simply serve to make chores like doing the dishes a little more interesting. Strawberry Lemonade is known to bring about a kind of jittery boost that can find fulfillment in a jog on a nice day. As the high wears on, though ( or as dosage is increased), Strawberry Lemonade’s uplifting vibe may give way to a somewhat more subdued relaxation. Although they tend to remain mentally acute and focused, consumers may experience droopy eyelids and relaxed limbs. While this body high isn’t likely to lay smokers out flat, it can drain any previously motivated mood. At this stage, Strawberry Lemonade’s therapeutic combination of mental and physical energy can be a good way to enhance social situations like a board game night with friends. Because of its eventual taper off into subtle relaxation, Strawberry Lemonade is recommended for late afternoon to evening use. Thanks to its versatile, wide-reaching effects, Strawberry Lemonade can enjoy wide application for medical cannabis patients. Its cerebral intensity may aid focus for those with attention deficit disorder. Its easygoing vibe may also temporarily ease the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. The bud’s gentle relaxation may also provide some relief from deep-seated aches and pains. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, may soothe minor annoyances like headaches or cramping. Because it can induce a very thoughtful state of mind that can easily veer into paranoia, Strawberry Lemonade is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic. With long-lasting euphoria and refreshing flavors, Strawberry Lemonade is an ideal smoke for a summer day. It can be especially fun to consume on a trip through the great outdoors.


Lemon OG Kush x Strawberry Cough
Myrcene AVG mg/g
6.8 mg/g
Alpha-Pinene AVG mg/g
2.0 mg/g
Beta-Caryophyllene AVG mg/g
1.4 mg/g
Beta-Pinene AVG mg/g
1.1 mg/g