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Brand: Native Roots

Product: Griz Kush

Product Variants and Price

sativa dominant hybrid | THC 17.45 % AVG THC

This strain is custom bred by Native Roots in collaboration with Root Seller Genetics. With an earthy, citrus aroma and tangerine and pine flavor the strain has a healthy balance between a heady sativa and relaxing indica

Product Description

GRiZ Kush is a custom strain bred by Native Roots in collaboration with RootSeller Genetics. This exclusive hybrid blend of Tangerine Haze and Pakistani Chitral Kush genetics was hand-selected by the musician GRiZ based on his favorite flavors and desired effects. The strain was developed to have an earthy, citrus aroma and a balance between heady sativa energy and relaxing indica effects. The buds present themselves with a hint of purple coloring and carry a robust tangerine flavor with a hint of pine from the Kush undertones. The complex flavor of GRiZ Kush brings with it a wave of euphoric laughter and a burst of creative energy that relaxes anxieties while stimulating the appetite.


Tangerine Haze x Pakistani Chitral Kush
Alpha-Pinene AVG mg/g
2.8 mg/g
Myrcene AVG mg/g
2.7 mg/g
Ocimene AVG mg/g
2.0 mg/g
Alpha-Bisabolol AVG mg/g
1.2 mg/g