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Revel: Yes Please.

Try limited edition Pumpkin Spice! While supplies last. Now available at any REC location. SHOP REVEL

Pumpkin Spice - Cool Mint - Fresh Pineapple - Crisp Cantaloupe - Juicy Grape - Orchard Peach - Wild Blueberry


The 2021 Rooster 710 Showdown

  • 1st Place - Disposable Vape - Spectra PP9: White 99

  • 2nd Place - Hydrocarbon Vape - Spectra PP9 Pod: White 99

  • 2nd Place - Flavored Vape - Revel Blueberry Pod

  • 2nd Place - Co2 Vape- Spectra PP3: Jack Flash

  • 2nd Place - Wildcard - The Spectra Infused Blunt: Afghani

The Rooster Magazine Article


Spectra: True to the Flower

Spectra Hero Vape

Oil designed with flower in mind.

Spectra Vapes, Concentrates, and more, now Available at all REC & MED locations.

Ask your budtender for more info.

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Flights now available at all REC locations, while supplies last.

Native Roots Loyalty Club

Native Roots Loyalty Club

Now available at all REC locations.

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