Garden Club

The Garden Club logo, cannabis flower, established 2009

Our rewards program is all about you! Earn a point for every $ spent at Native Roots.

  • Create an account (takes 2 minutes)!
  • Earn points with every purchase
  • Get updates on promos, events and birthday gifts!

Join The Garden Club, Earn Rewards!

How To Shop & Save!

Native Roots loyalty points breakdown, 100 points = 5% off, 200 points = 10% off, 400 points= 15% off, 600 points= 20% off, 800 points= 25% off. Sign up today to get a penny joint. On your birthday get a penny joint and 1000 points on us.
  1. Sign Up: You’re already on your way, just complete the form and click ‘Sign Up.’

  2. Get a text, set up your wallet! You will need to confirm your account before it’s active. Follow the prompts you receive on your mobile device.

  3. Earn points, get rewards. As you earn points, you can redeem them for discounts. Start redeeming with as little as 100 points! NOTE: Point accrual is for REC customers only. MED benefits occur in-store.

  4. Check your wallet. Visit your Garden Club wallet to check your points and see the latest promotions. For help adding your wallet to your mobile device, watch this video tutorial. 

  5. Receive messages. Both REC and MED Garden Club members will receive promotional and personalized text messages to help you save when you shop at Native Roots. You can opt-out at any time by emailing