Why does the Mood State exist?

History of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid

Did you know the traditional classifications for cannabis that most people still use today were derived in the mid 1800s by a Swedish botanist? In fact, the term indica was given to plants that were short and bushy while tall and lanky plants were called sativa. Many short and bushy plants carry high levels of the cannabinoid CBD which we know today can help with relaxation, muscle tension, and even sleep. Hence, many indica plants became known for their more relaxed or sleepy effects which lead the general public to begin using indica to mean relaxed or sleepy and sativa to be more associated with the opposite, or uplifted and energetic.

So if indica does not really mean “in da couch” then it is a safe assumption that not all sativas are going to be energetic. This could not be more true because the traditional “indica and sativa” classifications describe the visual appearance of the plant, not its effect. Overtime, we’ve brought the physical description of a plant to mean how it will make you feel, which does our customers, consumers, and plants themselves a disservice.

Almost every plant grown in Colorado today is a mix of sativa and indica qualities, or what we call a hybrid. Plants have been crossbred for years to develop new strains and new ways of enhancing your mood. Some hybrids lean very heavily on the more sedative effects, while others can give you a burst of energy or help you focus on an important task at hand.

New Way of Classifying Cannabis Effects

In the spring of 2021, we began work to devise a new way of classifying how cannabis can make you feel, or better yet, enhance your mood. We wanted to talk about the effects of the plants, not their visual appearance of indica or sativa.

Every strain in the Native Roots library was put through rigorous testing. Hundreds of budtenders have sampled with detailed questionnaires uploaded into an engineer designed database. This database takes all the feedback and maps it to one of 5 desired feelings, or mood states. We admit that it's a bit technical on the backend, and perhaps a little overkill, but we wanted to create the best shopping and consumption experience for our customers and consumers.

Being able to classify cannabis into more finite terms helps our customer know which strains they like, based on how they can elevate your mood. On one side we have Energetic strains which are great for going out with friends, an at home dance party, or a fun daytime hike. Think when you want to be lively, active or get up and go!

There is an uplifted mood state which provides a more euphoric experience and can help with creativity. Focus strains are great for concentration or motivation and fall right in the middle of the spectrum, a true hybrid of all effects.

On the other side, we have relaxing strains which are great for when you need to destress or take a calming break. And finally there are sleepy strains for when you need deep relaxation and rest. Our five mood states which cover everything from working out to going to bed include Energetic, Uplifted, Focus, Relaxing, and Sleepy.

It is important to note that everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different and cannabinoids react with individuals in varying ways. These mood states are a general guide based on lots of input and research, but individual results could vary.

Feeling on top of the world and meeting your bestie to celebrate an amazing day? Opt for an Energetic strain! Need to get your house clean before guests but still want to enjoy your day off? Focus or uplifted is the way to go! And it's been a long day and you just need some couch time? Opt for a relaxing strain or if bedtime is in the near future, go all in on sleepy strains.

Finally, if you have a favorite strain and it happens to be out of stock, you can easily find an alternative from the same mood state to fulfill your needs.

Whether you are looking to power through a Netflix special, spend a day hiking your favorite trails, or simply relaxing at home, the mood state matrix is there to offer assistance and help guide your journey. But as always, your path is yours and yours alone.

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