Responsible REC for CO Springs!

Responsible REC for Colorado Springs!

Want to see REC products in the Springs?

Colorado Springs dispensaries formed a political issue committee called Citizens for Responsible Marijuana Regulation to run a campaign to bring recreational cannabis sales to Colorado Springs. To get the ballot question certified for the November 5, 2024 election, the committee must collect about 25,000 valid signatures from Colorado Springs voters by June 18, 2024. 

Native Roots is collecting signatures from patients in-store at at all four COS locations (Academy, Austin Bluffs, Tejon and Uintah) and we’d love for you to be a part of the movement!

Important Info for Patients:

  • Allowing recreational cannabis sales in Colorado Springs will not diminish the quality of care or product selection for medical cardholders.

  • Patients will have a dedicated POS system that is completely separate from recreational customers. (You won’t be waiting in line with recreational customers)

  • Allowing businesses to sell both recreational and medical cannabis products will support the businesses that are currently medical only, allowing us to continue operating as your preferred medical dispensary.

  • If passed, the initiative will not result in any new cannabis dispensaries in Colorado Springs. 

  • 25% of medical dispensary licenses in Colorado Springs have been surrendered since 2022, and more will come over the next year. Patients will continue to see closures without this shift to allow recreational sales, forcing them to find new providers. This will lead to longer lines, a diminished product selection, potentially higher pricing (due to less competition and limited supply, which will be a result of even less medical demand), and reduced access to their preferred stores, products, and budtenders.

  • If passed in November, recreational sales will generate $10-15M annually to fund mental health programs, public safety, and PTSD treatment for Veterans in Colorado Springs.

  • Native Roots is committed to providing quality care and service to our patients. Allowing recreational sales will help, not hurt, that commitment. 

Check your voter registration status before signing a petition! Not registered to vote in COS? Register online

Important Info for Petition Signers:
  • Only individuals registered to vote in Colorado Springs may sign the petition.

  • Individuals may only sign one petition. 

  • Individuals may only sign their name to the petition.

  • Individuals must completely and legibly fill in every box on the petition.

Stop by one of four Native Roots Colorado Springs stores (Academy, Austin Bluffs, Tejon and Uintah) today to add your name to the petition!