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Pot's Positive Impact

Infographic on the impacts of pot
February 20, 2017

Now well on our way into 2017, there’s no doubt that the legalization of marijuana has already begun to have a noticeable impact on the United States. Even those who may not wish to partake in the post- legalization festivities find it difficult to deny the economic positives that come with taking the DEA’s spotlight off the potent plant. With a potential nationwide market reaching into tens of millions of customers, it’s safe to say that “if you grow it, they will come,” and the thousands of industry jobs that now exist within legal states seem to suggest the same. While states such as Colorado and Oregon have seen economic success from the industry, there is just as much money to be made through savings on the law enforcement side of things. In the accompanying infographic, we’ll take a look into just how much of an economic impact legalization has had on Colorado as well as the potential economic effects of legalization on a national scale.