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Northern Lights Strain Review | Native Roots

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain from Native Roots Cannabis Comapny

August 30, 2016

Northern Lights is a heavy-yielding indica dominant variety. This strain was perfected in the 90’s and first bred in the early 80’s. Known for a light berry flavor and resinous appearance - this fluffy bud is perfect for any aficionado. Just breaking up this strain is enjoyable.  An award winner-through and through, this strain is preferred for its potent indica knockdown high. Perfect for a body high, and helping with muscle tension, this strain is best suited for pain and nighttime use.

If you’re looking for something alert, chemmy, or sour-flavored - keep on looking. This mellow indica is perfect for kicking back after a party, or taking a load off after a big day of exercise. The giggly aspects of Northern Lights are definitely why this strain gained so much popularity a few decades ago. Expect to laugh and find a comfy spot on the couch.

Deep notes of Blueberry and a solid frosty view - this strain looks and smells amazing. If you are someone who prefers a more dense and smaller nug, this large budding strain might not be what you’re looking for. This extra-strong indica dominant hybrid is going to have some marvelous sedating aspects without having you fully asleep. This strain is perfect for a rainy day.

One last thing to look for is our Northern Lights Wax. This extract is going to be a huge wave of berry flavor and a mellow body high. Low temperatures show our full terpene profile of this iconic Native Roots strain!