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West Denver Native Roots Dispensary in Denver Colorado

November 21, 2017

New West Denver Marijuana Dispensary Opening | Welcome to the Family Store Number 20

Native Roots Marijuana Dispensary is proud to welcome store number 20! An exciting accomplishment with all credit to the patients, customers and amazing staff of Native Roots to announce the opening of its 20th retail location. The new marijuana dispensary opened Monday in West Denver on Morrison Road offering both recreational marijuana products and medical marijuana products through two different bud rooms within the facility.

Native Roots operates 19 other marijuana dispensaries located across the state of Colorado in 11 different communities serving three distinct regions across the entire state including, the Denver Metro area, Boulder County, the Mountains and Southern Colorado.

As a leader in the cannabis industry, Native Roots is committed to serving its patients and customers with high quality products and exceptional customer service. With one of the most intense training programs in the industry, we ensure that our staff are knowledgeable about our products, compliance requirements and able to answer consumer cannabis questions.

All Native Roots dispensaries carry the same products across all locations allowing patients and customers to find the products they need even when they are shopping away from their home marijuana dispensary.