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Native Roots Dispensary Littleton Renovations

Storefront photo of Native Roots Littleton location

May 27, 2016

At the corner of West Quincy Avenue and South Zephyr Street is Native Roots Dispensary Littleton. If that snazzy black-checkered pattern on a sleek store with a modern feel didn’t make you look twice, our extracts will. If you haven’t checked out our shop in South Denver - we’re open 9 a.m - 7 p.m, seven days a week. 


The reason we’re writing right now is to reach out to all of our readers and all of our Native Fam so you know that we have construction going on at the moment, but rest assured, we are open! We’re actually in the process of expanding, so eventually we’ll be able to help more of you at once! At Native Roots, we’re always looking forward to the next big thing! Native Roots is excited about growth, but we’re going to guess that you already knew that about us. We strive to provide anyone walking in with the best customer experience in the industry, as well as the best cannabis in Colorado. We’re very excited to show all of you our renovations when they’re done!


Until then, come in and see why we are excited for the new changes, and even more excited about this Grand Daddy Purple we just got in. Looking for a mellow indica that will have your upper eyelids feeling heavy? We’ve got you covered! Stay tuned for more updates about our Littleton location, and how it’s going to look even lovelier in the near future!