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For Those Times You Might Have Gotten Too High: Mary's Tonic | Native Roots

Mary's Medicinals Tonic Packaging

May 6, 2015

Native Fam favorite, Mary’s Medicinals, has introduced a new product to the market to help combat the overindulgence stories that have been making headlines since last year, most notably made famous by NY Times’ Maureen Dowd. The product, Mary’s Rescue Tonic, comes at an appropriate time as opinions regarding legalization continue to change, and social acceptability of marijuana becomes more prevalent.

Six months of research, development and testing have resulted in a plant derived product that helps alleviate the negative symptoms associated with overconsumption of cannabis edibles, in particular. Mary’s Rescue Tonic is derived from plants, containing no cannabinoids, making the product legal in all 50 states. The product is cherry pie flavored, and comes in a 2 ounce bottle. The effects last between two to three hours, with a shelf life of a year.

Native Roots is proud to be the exclusive retailer for the state of Colorado, and we recommend giving it a try for those times you end up saying to yourself, “I might be a little too high.” Starting soon, with the purchase of any recreational edible at Native Roots, patrons will receive a complimentary bottle of Mary’s Rescue Tonic.

H/T: Business Den