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Cookies & Dream

Big Gigantics Signature Strain Cookies & Dream

September 15, 2016

What do you get when cross Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies? “Cookies and Dream” the newest strain offered at Native Roots created for Dom and Jeremy of Big Gigantic. At Native Roots we take great pride in the cannabis we grow and sell, so when we unveil a new strain, it’s going to make waves. A solid sativa-dominant smoke, this strain is going to be perfect for a night-out with friends or something to roll before a show! Smooth and sweet, Cookies and Dream is a solid choice for any connoisseur or vaporizer.

Tomorrow, on Friday 9/16 at 4:20pm, Big Gigantic and The Native Roots crew will be releasing the first batch at our Downtown Denver and Boulder locations! Stop in for one of the first cuts of this new sativa variety! This strain is a very creative and alert sativa ideal for socializing, productive days off, or keeping your eyes open before a late night out.

As far as taste goes, Cookies and Dream is miles beyond most. The sweetness and the light berry flavor from the Blue Dream takes the slightest minty finish from the Girl scout Cookies. “Can’t decide if I’d rather smoke or eat #CookiesAndDream” is a phrase that has been floating around social media in the last few days, and once you open a display jar of this new strain, you’ll see why. If you want a knock-your-socks off sativa that tastes like a bowl-full of ice cream, we’ll see you Friday!