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February 7, 2018

Colorado Votes Native Roots Best Marijuana Dispensary with Best Budtenders

The Cannabist readers have voted and voiced their opinion.  Native Roots is a winner for best marijuana dispensary in Colorado and have the top budtenders across the state.

Top Budtenders from The Cannabist:

David Becker – Native Roots, Longmont
“Very knowledgeable, friendly and very talented budtender!”

Jonah Kohn – Native Roots, Highlands Ranch
“He truly genuinely cares about people’s well being and will do whatever he can to help people! His sunny disposition makes everyone want to be around him and learn from him.”

Lavon Bumbarger – Native Roots, Tejon
“Very sincere when it comes to cannabis. Concierge service is amazing. Makes me feel like home everyone I step in the store.”

As the best marijuana dispensary in Colorado, we understand that it is all about our team members.  Our Native Fam are the best at what they do and are truly committed to serving our patients and customers as they grow, harvest and produce the cannabis products; transport them to the local Native Roots Dispensaries; and share them with you our visitors as well as support the teams that make this process happen.