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710 Hash Bash with MASSROOTS Recap | Native Roots

Image of People at the Native Roots Hash Bash Holding Signs

July 13, 2015

If you were loyal to the oil, you were in attendance at MassRoots and Native Roots‘ joint 710 VIP appreciation bash this past weekend in Denver. Native Roots customers who entered for a chance to win were treated to the 710 experience of a lifetime atop the clock tower in the heart of Downtown Denver. Guests received our coveted gift bags which included Native Roots and MassRoots apparel and more. We handed out our signature NPen with pre-filled CannaSap, our exclusive coconut based hash oil. Patrons were greeted with an open bar and gourmet catering (which included some killer liquid nitrogen popcorn) in addition to receiving the NPens and joints of GRiZ Kush flower.

Spirits and moods were high during the event, courtesy of the premiere of GRiZ Kush Shatter, which was available at our exclusive dab lounge. Our celebrity guests GRiZ and and Dom of Big Gigantic were in attendance, with GRiZ trying his strain in shatter form for the first time. The general consensus of the strain in shatter from the Mass/Native Fam, including GRiZ himself, can be summed up in a number of words, but the most common of the night were: “smooth”, “delicious”, “tasty”, and it was even described as a “creeper” – a strain that is sure to be a Fam favorite for some time to come.

Click here to check out some photos from the event.

A HUGE thank you to MassRoots! #RootsRunDeep