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420 Rally Denver 2016 | Native Roots

Person Rapping at 420 Concert in Denver Colorado

May 23, 2016

The 4/20 rally had to be postponed to 5/21, but my-oh-my did we have a good time. In case you weren’t able to join us, here’s a little recap of what went down. Denver’s Civic center was jam-packed with happy fans well before 10:00am. The air was fragrant and the sky was blue. Through the smoke you could see the Denver Capitol Building. From the Westword earlier in the month we learned that the entire event cost well over $750,000.00. Things got so exciting that a major fence at the event came down, thankfully nobody was injured. Local Denver Rapper “Pries” (who opened for Wiz and Lil Wayne) even posted about it:

“That was amazing, Denver was lit again, and really tore down a fence, lol”

After the opener’s we enjoyed hearing Wiz whilst sipping on a free Red Bull. What a treat for the ears, the 28 year old rapper left us grinning. We just can’t get enough of his iconic stoner giggle. “AhHAha hah”

Next we got to hear Lil Wayne drop some bars. Weezy had everyone in the crowd bobbing their heads and grinning as his lyrics came through the speakers blisteringly fast.The New Orleans rapper put his heart and soul into the performance and we’re glad to call him Native Fam.

It may have been delayed, but it made our May feel just like April all over again.