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Interested in Adult-Use Marijuana Delivery Direct to Your Home?

Starting in January of 2021, delivery of adult-use (recreational) marijuana will be allowed under state law, however, cities will be required to opt in. On December 7, 2020, Boulder City officials will be holding a hearing to decide whether they will allow home delivery of adult-use marijuana, as well as expanding the medical home delivery program for patients. We need your help making sure your voices are heard to tell them to OPT IN to delivery.

What This Would Mean For You:

1. Boulder could allow you to order ahead from your favorite dispensary and have your recreational marijuana delivered directly to your home, similar to alcohol or groceries;

2. Boulder could expand the medical delivery program to better serve patients.


How Can You Help?

  1. Email the City of Boulder's Cannabis Licensing Advisory Board by Monday, November 23rd. A simple email from any of our recreational and/or medical customers showing support for opting in will go a long way. Simply email LicensingOnline@bouldercolorado.gov and ask them to OPT IN for adult-use delivery.

  2. Join us at the Zoom hearing at 3 pm on Monday, December 7th to give public comment in support of opting in. If you are interested in joining, please provide your information through our contact form here. Our director of Public Affairs, Shannon Fender, can provide additional details on the process and answer any questions. You can also join the hearing at 3pm on 12/7 through the following link: https://tinyurl.com/CLABmeeting11-2-20

Shannon Fender | Phone: 303-250-0125 | Email: shannon.fender@nativerootsdispensary.com

We will not be successful in bringing this important service to Boulder recreational customers without your help! Please help us expand this important service directly to you!